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Album | Forgotten Stories

Released  March 22nd, 2024 on cassette and digital

Produced and mixed by Daou in Paris

Between June and December 2023 

Mastering | Andrea Porcu, Sardinia, Italy

Original artwork | Georges Daou

Record label | Lontano Series
Publisher | ROHS! RECORDS

"Forgotten Stories" is envisioned as a collection of ten short stories, centered around the theme of rediscovering and shedding light on ten particular narratives that have been obscured by the passage of time. This project represents a personal acknowledgment of the fragility of our memories and seeks solace in the profound beauty of nostalgia.

The loops utilised in the creation of this collection were recorded over a span of five years in France, captured on tape. The mixing process took place throughout 2023, incorporating additional elements such as field recordings and shortwave radio signals.

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• Limited edition Cassette (transparent colour with black foil) - C50
• High quality tapes dubbed in real-time
• DIY printed 4 panel J-Card (170 g/m²)
• Norelco box transparent (cassette case)
• Hand-numbered
• Every copy is unique
• Edition of 50

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