Daou is the music project of Paris-based architect, musician and multidisciplinary artist Georges Daou.

A guitarist and tape enthusiast since an early age, he started experimenting with tape loops, synths and field recordings alongside his guitar and effect pedals. The result was immersive ambient soundscapes and drones, often coloured with lofi textures and sonic artefacts generated by acoustic instruments and found objects.


Born in Beirut, Daou moved to New York City, where he mastered his guitar skills with Dom Minasi, and worked as an architect while developing his ongoing artistic projects and collaborations.

He then moved to Paris, where he started working on his debut album Subliminal, which was released under the name Daou on OwlEncounter, premiered on Le Bombardier and later selected on Beehype’s list of best albums of 2020.


Daou's collage/photography work has been exhibited in Beirut, London, Washington DC and New York City.

His 3D art has been published in leading 3D magazines and websites.